Useful Tips to Improve Exterior 3D Rendering

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Technology has evolved over exponentially over the past few years and architectural 3D rendering is one great evolution. It has benefitted architects in ways more than one and they hire companies that provide quality 3D rendering services in India to make the most of this technology.

In this post we will share with you some wonderful tips to help improve exterior 3D rendering.

1. Pick the right position for the sun

Reputed 360 virtual tour companies understand the importance of picking the right position for the sun. If the sun is in a position that doesn’t complement the entire design, the render is of no use. Lighting effects can make it or break it, so you need to be very careful with that. Too much or too less lighting effects can ruin your project so striking the right balance is the key.

2. Don’t forget the shadows

Apart from picking the right position of the sun, you need to pay attention to the shadows created by it as well. Renowned companies providing 3D rendering or 3D visualization services very well understand the importance of paying attention to the minutest of details. You always want the renderings to look as realistic as possible and hence adding shadows of a tree or its branch for example will make your exterior 3D rendering look fabulous. This is just an example. There are several other ways to add realism to your exterior rendering.

3. Glass reflections

More often than not buildings have glass windows. You can use this aspect to your advantage. Glass reflections can make your 3D exterior look astonishingly realistic. Glass reflections is a great way companies providing architectural 3D rendering services, make architectural renderings look wonderful.

4. Add Cars and Other Vehicles

Are you designing a project for urban areas? If you are, you cannot think of a 3D exterior rendering without vehicles. Can you? You can add cars, bikes or other vehicles in the exterior rendering depending upon the location of your project. Paying attention to small details such as inclusion of a car with a license plate with a number can make your 3D exterior rendering look quite realistic. You can also choose to add some people in the car to make your target audience feel connected.

These are just few tips to give you a starting point. 3D rendering is quite vast and a lot can be achieved if used the right way. If you hire a good company offering 3D rendering services in India, you can rest assured that your project is in the right hands.

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