3 Reasons You Should Use 3D Rendering Company Instead of a Freelancer

3 Reasons You Should Use 3D Rendering Company Instead of a Freelancer

Not long ago, 3D rendering was an expensive process only the big brands could afford. Then, with technological advancements and evolving business models it became more affordable and accessible. Now, many businesses can actually not imagine working without 3D rending services! 

3D rendering can be really helpful to you if you are in any business which deals in visual communication. This will primarily include architecture and interior designing businesses, but also include ad agencies and production houses. Architects and interior designers go through extensive training in accumulating the designing principles, developing an eye for detail and design thinking, apart from making their creations look as real as possible. Architects go as far as building accurate physical models but here is the problem – how do you give your client the experience of your work before it is built in its real dimensions? Here is where 3D rendering comes into picture. 

Ad agencies and architectural firms are increasingly using 3D rendering to showcase their work in a more visually appealing way. That said, most of these firms are running on a budget and hence many a time take up the services of freelancers to suffice their needs. Here are 3 reasons why you should not do the same: 

1. End to End Services
3D rendering companies provide end to end services. 3D rendering may seem like a singular process but it can have various stages, especially if you have a big project to work upon. There can be 3D exterior rendering or you may choose to have 3D interior rendering services or need both for your project.3D exterior rendering can be helpful to architectural firms whereas 3D interior rendering services can help interior designing firms. 

2. Quality Output
You can expect professional quality of output and conduct. With freelancers, you have to consistently keep a check on every deliverable. This can get hectic and distract you from your actual business. Companies providing 3D rendering services already have quality assurance processes in place to ensure the professional output. Besides this, the conduct of the company is also more professional against a freelancer who might take up projects the way he/she wants. 

3. Reliability of Work
You can always check the clientele and gauge the reliability of the work. With freelancers you will have to depend on word of mouth to guide you, whereas with a company you can have a look at their past work and see for yourself what their clients have said about their work.